Best Alexa Skills: Springtime on Echo Show and Echo Spot


Best Alexa Skills: Springtime on Echo Show and Echo Spot

Learn more about Ambient Visuals on Alexa at:

Spring ambience with video and audio.

Go to your Alexa app under “Skills” and search for “Ambient visuals” or enable the skill directly from Amazon retail in your country:

Optimized for Echo Show and Echo Spot, this skill does not only provide ambient sounds but enriches the experience with high-quality video of a bee and some flowers in a seamless loop.

It can help you fall asleep or gives a calming atmosphere to your home.
Impress your guests with fascinating screensaver on Echo Show and Echo Spot.

Currently, this skill plays back audio and/or video for two hours in a “perfect loop” (audio also in infinite loop). You can still use your Echo device while video and audio are playing as Alexa returns to the playback after setting a timer or asking for the time. Just what you would expect from a good screensaver.

Search for “Ambient Visuals” in the skill store and you’ll get even more skills of this kind.

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